Hi I'm Anastacia...

Since early childhood, sports and fitness have been my passion. I started with gymnastics and badminton, and I switched to tennis. I took up spin cycling, weight training and mastering running, practicing yoga, and learning to swim properly — I never wanted to stop moving, no matter how busy I was with school or work.

Having moved to the USA as a professional linguist and interpreter, it did not take long to realize that obesity and nutrition-related health issues are killing more Americans than drugs or guns. To help those in need learn how to manage their food intake, I became an AFPA-certified master nutritionist specializing in general, holistic, and sports nutrition and weight management.

The acquired knowledge has been invaluable to my clients and my six-month-old baby boy, who currently weighs 23 pounds / 10.4 kilograms, is exclusively breastfed and is hitting all age-appropriate milestones. 

Proper nutrition and exercise are the two most essential components of robust health and vitality. However, finding time for both for me as a full-time mother now is challenging to say the least. 

Naturally, tending to the baby has become my priority. Subtracting my daily workouts and work from my everyday living formula has made me feel so out of balance. Add in a lack of recovery sleep and a lack of time to spend in the kitchen, and voilà! — I am out of balance and feel overwhelmed and defeated on top of that.

Learning how to balance baby duties and body fitness is still something I do every day. Being resourceful and flexible, as well as kind and forgiving to myself, help maintain mental focus on the bigger picture, which is the happiness and health of my family.

I invite you to join me on this journey of balancing the roles of a happy mother and a healthy woman! I sincerely believe that we can get more inspired and motivated to do better and be better as a community and as individuals.