Bon Appétit!

My passion has always been learning about different cuisines and tasting new dishes, collecting recipes from kitchen gurus and cooking aficionados, experimenting with familiar ingredients, and trying new ones.

On this page I share the recipes I find particularly delectable so that you, too, can find passion and love for healthy and delicious cooking.

Recipe Quick Guide

PLANT-BASED - Recipe is 100% Plant-based with no animal products used

CONTAINS CHEESE - Recipe is mostly Plant-based with some Cheese

Vegetarian Borscht

For the borscht to be flavorful it is recommended to make it thick, almost stew-like, and let it stand for 6-7 hours before serving (make it in the morning and serve it for dinner, or make it at night and serve it the next day).

Lentil Shepard's Pie

This recipe is a great alternative to the traditional Shepherd’s Pie. It has no meat or dairy in it, yet it is as delicious and as flavorful as what your Grandma makes for Thanksgiving. Feel free to add sweet potatoes to it too.

Quinoa Sweet Potato Bakes

These delicious savory muffins are one of my favorites! The recipe is so easy to make, and they provide a perfect combination of grains, vegetables and dairy in one meal.

Nursing With A Purpose

The day my baby boy turned six months, he was healthy, happy, alert, and lively, weighing 23.5 pounds (10.7 kg) - exclusively breastfed. In this book, I will reveal (no pun intended) the formula of my success as a lactating mother. 

I am happy to disclose one thing about this book: there are no recipes containing cow’s milk or powdered supplements. Only natural, rarely animal-derived ingredients.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

This creamy soup is both sweet and spicy — just thinking about it makes my mouth water! Very easy to make, it serves as a great alternative to tomato or butternut squash soups. Pair it with some cheese breads or toast for extra calories.

Roasted Veg Olive Oil Farro

This is a hearty dish, perfect to be served as lunch or dinner. Farro can be substituted with any other grain, such as quinoa or buckwheat… Yet try to make it with farro first, the chewy texture of it adds a special twist to the recipe!

Butternut Mac & "Cheese"

This is one of the best vegan alternatives to the traditional Mac&Cheese. Instead of using gluten pasta, heavy cream and butter, opt for lighter and tastier ingredients. Besides, butternut squash makes this dish extra healthy and extra tasty!